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Teeny new Tina's Continental serves cold martinis in Dallas' Deep Ellum

By Teresa Gubbins

Apr 14, 2023

A cozy retro-inspired bar with a car theme has opened in a historic building in Deep Ellum Dallas. Called Tina's Continental, it's in the Continental Gin Building at 3309 Elm St. #115, where it's serving martinis and other classic cocktails in a snug 800-square-foot space that seats a mere 43 people.

According to a release, the bar is designed to be a walkable destination in far East Deep Ellum and for workers in the Continental Gin Building.

The menu features six martinis as well as an option for customers to build-their-own. There is also a selection of batched cocktails served straight from the freezer at 15 degrees for a velvety-smooth texture. Those include a Vesper Martini, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Negroni.

Other cocktail highlights include:

  • The Moody Bleu - bleu cheese washed vodka, dry vermouth, olive brine

  • The Appletini - granny smith infused vodka, apple brandy, lemon, apple cordial, housemade grenadine

  • Grasshopper - citrus infused vodka, cointreau, cranberry, lime

  • Guavatina - gin, campari, pamplemousse, guava, pineapple, lime

They also serve beer and wine.

Owners are Elias Pope & Sameer Patel, whose UNCO Management (formerly 8020 Hospitality) includes brands such as Hero by HG, Standard Service, and Leela's Pizza & Wine, and who also just opened a third location of Leela’s Pizza & Wine in Uptown at 2355 Olive St. #145.

Tina's is their homage to the Lincoln Continental Mark V, with a color palette inspired by a 1977 Lincoln Continental special Bill Blass Edition. That is some specific inspiration.

"In the late '70s, the king of the road was the Lincoln Continental Mark V," Pope says. "These luxury cars could be purchased one of two ways — ordered to your spec or designed by the great couture houses of the time such as Givenchy, Cartier, Pucci, and Bill Blass. Tina’s is an homage to these wonderful creations."

Tina's is the third concept of four to open in the Continental Gin Building, joining Fiction Coffee and Tatsu. The fourth will be a steakhouse, also from UNCO Hospitality, that's in the works.


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