a Deep Ellum original,


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established 1888  |  re-established 2021


The Continental Gin is so much more than just a historic building in Deep Ellum–it's a true icon of Dallas and the cornerstone from which the rest of Deep Ellum's history was built from. What was once the largest manufacturer of cotton gins in the world will soon become an experiential office, retail, and neighborhood destination. By 2021, the Continental Gin Building will open as an icon reimagined, featuring contemporary workspace for Deep Ellum professionals of all kinds and boasting boutique amenities that elevate CGB's 19th century charm for 21st century use.


The construction of the original Continental Gin Building was a spark the ignited the earliest boom of the neighborhood. This building's truly seen it all, and so many elements that have always made Deep Ellum and the CGB special will be woven into the fabric of this restoration. Once open, locals will get to discover new building-wide amenities, from creative lounge spaces to shared conference rooms, outdoor patio areas, a state-of-the-art VR Lab, coworking, and retail space. Tenants of Continental Gin will get to feel the magic of what happens when the past meets the future just by coming to work each day.



What's in the Gin ?


Space Available 

The ground level of the CGB will be just as energetic as Deep Ellum on a Thursday night, just on any given day of the week. We've got retail space ready for the perfect brand to set up shop. Click below to learn more about our retail availabilities. If it strikes a chord, give us a shout.


Powered by  COMMON DESK

Born and raised in Deep Ellum, Common Desk is a Texas coworking brand that knows how to make hard work look fun, which means their 2nd Deep Ellum space was a natural fit for our 2nd floor. Learn more about the membership offerings + perks they'll be bringing to CGB.

office & spec suites

Direct Lease | Floors 1 + 3

Between Deep Ellum's personality, thriving local business scene, walkability, and vast entertainment options, it's no wonder more and more companies are choosing this 'hood to call home. If you're looking for your team's next office space, click below to see what we offer.

floor 2
  • common desk
    • coworking​
    • offices
    • meeting space
    • vr lab
floor 1
  • retail / restaurant space
  • traditional office space
  • open lounge for visitors & tenants
  • fiction coffee
    • espresso bar
    • daily cocktail hour
  • vast outdoor deck
  • 2 acres of green space
floor 3
  • tenant office suites
    • plug-and-play​
    • flexible terms
  • shared lounge

What was the Gin ?

cotton gin maker   

Built in 1888, the CGB was once the largest cotton processing equipment manufacturing operation in the US.


art studios

Most recently, CGB was home to Dallas-based artists, serving as studio, loft, and meet-up space for creatives.


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3309 elm st, dallas, tx 75226